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    Atheism is coming out of the closet.

    According to the Amerian Religious Identification Survey [USA Today], the non-religious (aka atheist or agnostic) at 15%, are the fastest growing segment of American religious affiliation. There are more non-religious in America than any other religious affiliation except Catholics and Baptists.

    Survey on Religion in America (MSNBC)

    Leaving Religion Behind: A Portrait of Nonreligious America

    Sam Harris has written two fascinating books, The End of Faith, and Letter to a Christian Nation, where the influence of religious philosophy on the modern age is examined in plain language.

    Chris Hedges describes the rising political influence of the Christian Dominionists, who believe they are working to establish the kingdom of heaven, here on earth, or maybe working toward armageddon. Here's a video of him discussing his book, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America" which he might not have written, except that no major publication would print his brief article on the topic, The Christian Right and the Rise of American Facsism.

    Speak Out for the separation of Church and State, which the Founding Fathers believed essential to maintining democratic freedoms.

    Speak Out against the influence of religion over your government. Oppose efforts to use school boards to undermine science education and bring religion into public schools calling it "intelligent design". Oppose efforts to blur the lines between government and religious organizations, through the federal office of "faith based initiatives".

    Speak Out. If you don't say it's wrong, then that says it's right.
    None of Us Are Free - Solomon Burke

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    Led Zeppelin Gong?

    December 15th, 2001 · No Comments

    In three pictures here, it looks like the Led Zeppelin have a giant gong on stage!

    I want one.
    I first realized I wanted a giant gong while on a conference call in a giant corporate bureaucracy during a particularly intense bogon flux, some years back.

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    fossil rain drop imprints

    December 15th, 2001 · No Comments

    An Indian geologist says he has discovered imprints of some of the oldest raindrops on Earth, dating back more than a billion years. [munch ...]
    The article also said that the preservation of the rain craters suggested that ancient rainfall was infrequent.
    The find is amazing, but the last sentence of the story (quoted above) [...]

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    December 2nd, 2001 · No Comments

    This seems like a revolution in the making.
    Many researchers have worked to convert heat to electricity directly without the moving parts of a generator. Among other advantages, such a device would be virtually silent, vibration-free, and low in maintenance costs. Until now, however, the efficiency of such devices has been a problem. The amount of [...]

    [

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