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    Atheism is coming out of the closet.

    According to the Amerian Religious Identification Survey [USA Today], the non-religious (aka atheist or agnostic) at 15%, are the fastest growing segment of American religious affiliation. There are more non-religious in America than any other religious affiliation except Catholics and Baptists.

    Survey on Religion in America (MSNBC)

    Leaving Religion Behind: A Portrait of Nonreligious America

    Sam Harris has written two fascinating books, The End of Faith, and Letter to a Christian Nation, where the influence of religious philosophy on the modern age is examined in plain language.

    Chris Hedges describes the rising political influence of the Christian Dominionists, who believe they are working to establish the kingdom of heaven, here on earth, or maybe working toward armageddon. Here's a video of him discussing his book, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America" which he might not have written, except that no major publication would print his brief article on the topic, The Christian Right and the Rise of American Facsism.

    Speak Out for the separation of Church and State, which the Founding Fathers believed essential to maintining democratic freedoms.

    Speak Out against the influence of religion over your government. Oppose efforts to use school boards to undermine science education and bring religion into public schools calling it "intelligent design". Oppose efforts to blur the lines between government and religious organizations, through the federal office of "faith based initiatives".

    Speak Out. If you don't say it's wrong, then that says it's right.
    None of Us Are Free - Solomon Burke

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  • The Secret Diary of Dan Lyons

    July 28th, 2008 · 2 Comments

    Here’s an interesting exercise. Imagine if Dan Lyons was interesting enough that somebody would make a fake Dan Lyons blog. Today’s entry might be something like this…

    Dear Diary,

    Today I stepped on my dick. You would be amazed at how difficult that was to do, since it’s not really like it drags on the ground or anything. I’m not particularly flexible, either. I had to have an embarrassing amount of help from Joe Nocera, and now my knee and hip hurt as much as my unit. Oh, and both of my elbows.

    Imagine if any other CEO pulled bullshit like this

    Then some people saw me stepping on my dick and some of them said, “Hey, Dan, don’t step on your dick! That’s not very bright!” Well, even though it hurt me, more than I care to admit, I didn’t care to admit it. A little voice inside me said, “blame them for stepping on your dick! That will show them!” So I kicked myself in my testicles. That was easier to do, what with my ligaments already stretched out from stepping on my dick.

    The culture of enablers

    Then I started posting like a mad fool to get it off the front page of my blog. Get this… 7 other posts today.

    Diary, I fear my secret is out!

    What secret might Dan Lyons be sharing with only his Diary? Well, perhaps that Dan Lyons was either on the take from SCO for years, or so lazy and poor at actually analyzing the industry he writes about that he simply parroted SCO rather than report in any rational or objective way about SCO’s Microsoft-funded shenanigans. Or perhaps that he has a history of similarly slanted reporting where Apple (against) or MIcrosoft (for) is concerned.

    Daniel Eran Dilger was criticized when this piece (Forbes’ Fake Steve Jobs is also Fake on Apple) came out, but it looks like didn’t miss the mark on Dan Lyons’ true nature by much.

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